Hotwheels Crackups and Bridge Surprise sets for sale from Spain.
Hot Wheels Crackups set from Spain, 1985, mint in box.
Contains a white and black police car and a red cruiser.  Both transform into damaged wrecks when they collide.  Complete with all accessories shown.  Box has minor creasing and dents.  Price $75.00
Hot Wheels Crackups box cover
minor box wear
Hot wheels crackups set contents
hot wheels crackups sticker sheet and cardboard grandstand
hot wheels crackups police car after collision
crackups police car before crash
Hotwheels crackups cruiser after crash
Hotwheels crackups cruiser before crash
Hotwheels Crackups set contents
Grandstand and
Sticker Sheet
Before crash            After crackup
Hot Wheels Bridge Surprise set from Spain,1986, mint in box.  Contains a black with red stripe van.  Contains bridge with box of detonator, what I think may be a lap counter, two sections of track, speed trigger, stickers, and instructions.  Box has minor creasing and dents.
Price $75.00
Hotwheels Bridge Surprise set, box view
Bridge Surprise, back veiw of box
Hot Wheels Bridge Surprise set contents
Hotwheels Bridge Surprise sticker sheet and instructions
Hotwheels Bridge Surprise van, black
Hot wheels Bridge Surprise van, Spain, black with red.
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